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6 December, 2023

6:00pm to 9:00pm


To enter the building, there are stairs to a raised ground floor. We are working on improving access.

Closed Circuit Systems: Shhhh #1

Developed by Krystle Patel during a residency at Plun-Favreau Labs, ‘Closed Circuit Systems’ is a research project concerned with demystifying spaces of scientific knowledge production through the language of the body. In this iteration, Patel has collaborated with Jelena Viskovic to develop a new discursive body of visual and sonic works that continue the inquiry of ‘Closed Circuit Systems’, playing with the idea of the library as a transient setting for knowledge production and preservation. 

The ongoing research project will be presented at Biblioteka, with the support of The Architectural Association Archives and involves a series of events with invited guests and Plun-Favreau lab members, evolving over 3 months through reading, conversation and audio-visual transmission. This first event will be accompanied by a reading by Federico Campagna, author of ‘Technic & Magic’ and ‘Prophetic Cultures’.

Jelena Viskovic’s sculptural works explore the role of gesture in relation to techno-scientific, political and historical narratives about knowledge creation. Her sculptures and moving image works incorporate playful, talking objects as archival materials in otherwise preprogrammed technologically deterministic systems. Borrowing from a cartoonish, carnivalesque logic, these objects become rebellious and approachable, attempting to escape the rigid environment connected to what is usually considered an appropriate space for creating and preserving systems of knowledge. 

Krystle Patel works across writing, sound and textile to create moving image works and site specific installations that exist in dialogue. Her practice exists in time and is intentionally slippery and evasive. Research forms the basis of her process relying on experimentation, intuition and conversation. She is interested in language, where it is full and where it is empty, its most abstract and literal forms, language as alive and with limitations.