Biblioteka is a public reference library with a variety of rare and special collections of books, zines and other printed materials within the fields of art, architecture and design. Originally from Kyiv, Ukraine, the library has been based in South London in Peckham since 2020.


We are always asking ourselves what a library could be and the answers we find are continually influenced and inspired by the creative forces of our local community. Through our research and collaborations, we are working towards a model for a new public library.

While rooted in the history and tradition of thinking architecturally and philosophically about the public library, Biblioteka looks to new discourses that break with tradition and experiments with new forms of knowledge production, curation and vital archiving.

In the years ahead, Biblioteka’s goal is to inspire existing public libraries to be more courageous, experimental and flexible in the way that they serve their community and to collaborate with other libraries in order to scale and expand Biblioteka’s vision for a new public library.