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9 March, 2023

7:00pm to 10:00pm


Wheelchair access to the exhibition.


This exhibition presents a vision of pre-full scale war Ukraine, there is no focus on post-Soviet life, instead, we celebrate the Ukrainian tradition, vibrant culture and youthful social scene. Our participants wish to show the world the side of Ukraine that isn’t in newspapers or TV screens. Candid photographs capture the beauty of a country and it’s people leading normal, peaceful lives before the russian full-scale invasion. The inner Ukrainian spirit endures, despite the every day terrorism and genocide. 

It was, it is, and it will be what unites them. 

Organised and curated by @kat_oleshko and @gerchka. 


Vadim Khudoliy 

Slava Mashtalir 

Anna Kovalova

Oleg Moskovets

Masha Cairo 

Taras Tarasov

Daniel Vaysberg

Sasha Kolodin 

Lera Lesyk

Polina Trutevych 

Nastia Kolodka

Sashko Shevchuk

Theo Zhykharyev

By buying one of the exhibited art pieces you can help win the war faster and keep the freedom of Ukraine. Profits from selling will go directly to verified charity organisation@reflecting_light_in_ua

Poster by @katookato

Can’t wait to see you! 

Slava Ukraini!